Natural Parks of Italy



"Natural Parks of Italy" shows the map of national and regional parks in Italy. Specifically, it shows the special protection areas - called SAC and SPA - part of Natura 2000 ecological network. The maps are taken from the National Geoportal of Ministero dell'Ambiente and are provided from a WMS server.

The application has been developed independently by the author without any relationship with the Ministero dell'Ambiente.

This application has the following features:
* Shows the map of SAC areas / parks of Italy.
* Shows the map of SPA areas / parks of Italy.
* Overlay with Google Maps™ Road or Satellite tiles.
* Zoom, Pan.
* Selection of shapes representing different parks by rectangle and point (just press the selection tool button and select one or more municipalities).
* Grid visualization of alphanumerical data for each park.
* Labels indicating names of areas / parks.

"Natural Parks of Italy" is built with the "ItacaMap for Android", a programming framework that enables Java developers to build rich and high performance GIS applications for Android smartphones and tablets.
ItacaMap is basically composed of a custom WMS/WFS server (OGC WMS 1.1.1 compliant) and a number of client libraries and application for different platforms (e.g.: Android, Silverlight, HTML5, Windows 8, etc.).

More information at the developer web site.

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