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"Near me find, dial a tools man" is LOCAL search for tradesmen and professionals around you.
You can PHONE or NAVIGATE to the selected people or company from the list returned in the search.

"Google place search" is used to get the search list and displays in a list view.
Clicking on the list view item will display the location in map-view.

Click on the information marker to show the options which are
PHONE OR NAVIGATION (and a web link if available)

click on the phone button to phone the selected place or person
click on the navigation option to start Google navigation

Settings :
Using settings you can change the search radius and distance units
Since it is a "LOCAL" search, maximum allowed radius is 5 KM or 3 MILES
Navigation modes: Drive, Walk or Bike

Notes :
1. Data Allowance
Searching and using navigation will use the mobile data allowance if not connected to a wi-fi network.

2. Number of search results
Number of search results are limited to 60 at a time (Google places restriction).
Reduce the radius (if not set to the minimum) to get accurate results if the maximum number of records are returned.

3. Accuracy of you location
Accuracy of your location depends on the location received from the GPS or location services
This could lead to displaying varied results.

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