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    The Offline Guide series of apps are the leading offline guides for major cities around the United States. There is never any need for an internet connection to run this app, including displaying the map and providing information about points of interest—it is 100% offline (although it does link to your browser for convenient internet searching of points of interest and provides the option of displaying an online world map). This means Offline Guide apps work even in areas with no phone reception, and travelers do not need to worry about roaming charges.
    Offline Guide uses a fully-zoomable map (just like the way Google Maps zoom). Each app contains a database of Open Street Map Data, which enables you to search for points of interest by 20 different categories (e.g., parks or restaurants). Each category is represented by a unique icon on the map. The map can display points of interest by category or by individual searches. Distance and direction to points of interest are displayed on the map when you click on a map icon or on the search results page when searching by category or by name. When you click on the web search button, your web browser will automatically open and perform a Google search using the name of that point of interest as the search criteria. The map comes with a built-in compass, zoom-control buttons (two-finger zooming works as well), and a scale that can be set to SAE or metric.
    Offline Guide requires the “write to external storage” permission to be able to cache map tiles while the map is being viewed and the “access fine location” permission for displaying your location on the map. Offline Map Guide New York does not store or transmit your location information. Offline Guide also uses the “network communication” permission for the optional world map and to send a point of interest to your browser for quick web searches. Please take note that the Offline Map Guide series of apps store data on your local phone so that you do not need to persistently access the internet every time you, for example, zoom the map or search for a point of interest. The total storage required for Offline Guide apps is between 10 and 20 megabytes, depending on the size of the city.
    Open Street Map mapping data (
    Open Street Map is a collaborative, world-wide mapping project conducted by volunteers. The map data is constantly being improved and revised. Offline Guide apps will be periodically updated to show the latest Open Street Map data.

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