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Small revolution for this update!

Discover the new version of Monument Tracker Paris: New Design and features

Discover and visit Paris in a fun and cultural way with the new addictive tour guide Monument Tracker for Vacation or Week end in capital of France

A true interactive companion and comprehensive travel mobile guide top 10 including, rankings epochs of 370 monuments, tours, guided tours, historic cafes and restaurants.
With the new version of Tracker Monument, join 1 million users already conquered by the previous winner of the European versions for creation and innovation.

Discover or rediscover the 370 monuments and place to visit of the French capital. If you want to know what to do or what to see in paris

Use the geolocation to display the nearest landmarks you access a comprehensive database of information on landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, sites, statues, libraries, pubs, castles, churches , chapels, fountains, hotels, gardens, markets, museums, opera houses, palaces, bridges, squares, synagogues, theaters, tours, and view history and anecdotes about each of these places of Paris.

The features included with the application:
Your profile: Free personal space to store and share your routes, geotargeted pictures on the plan, favorite items and lists. You are asked your favorite places? With one click your friends can follow your steps.

Routes: Discover Paris through original thematic tours audio guide or guided tours: Hiking the invisible, Paris by a storyteller streets, romantic Paris, Paris Expo 1900, Paris for children, Enigma walkways. ... The Seine, bridges, monuments and museums will have no secret for you. The MUST SEE in Paris

Styles and History: You will recognize all architectural styles and impress your friends. A monument was built over several periods? you'll recognize the signs.

Missions: Discover the monuments of Paris and have fun. This is the concept of Monument Tracker Paris. Leave your phone to your children for treasure hunting missions, complete weekly missions, collecting virtual objects, check-in, photo contest, answer the challenge and test your knowledge with the quiz. Earn points for each successful mission, share your successes, publish selfies points to progress from level to level to move from amateur to master! You can publish your own challenges from expert status.

Interactivity: Planning visits, Enjoy the many interactivity of the application by sharing the journey of your trip route to support, illustrate your own photos positioned on the plan. You plan to leave? Use the application to optimize output by registering your route in advance.

Photo Contest: Shoot secret places of Paris, reinterpret photos of the greatest photographers paris, be published on the Facebook page of Monument Tracker and become the photographer of the week.
Offline Version: Download embedded maps of the city to avoid the costs of additional roaming during the stay abroad

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