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You want to party tonight but don't know where to go?
You want to tell your friends where you're going to party tonight?
You found an awesome club and want to show it to your friends?
The party sucks and you're looking for a different party close by?

Party Buddy solves all these problems for you! Party smart & Party hard!

Party Buddy helps you find all clubs in your city and keeps you updated about the latest events and partys. The map view allows you to find partys and events close to you. Look for upcoming parties and events and add them to your calendar. Party Buddy also lets you create a list of your favorite clubs and events which you can access offline too.

★ Germany:
Berlin - Hamburg - Aachen - Wiesbaden - Offenbach - Mainz - Rostock - Munich - Cologne - Leipzig - Karlsruhe - Dresden - Frankfurt (Main) - Düsseldorf - Hanover - Stuttgart - Nuremberg - Dortmund - Essen - Munster - Darmstadt - Jena

★ Austria:
Vienna - Innsbruck - Salzburg

★ International:
Amsterdam - Madrid - Paris - London - Copenhagen - Dublin - Prague - Stockholm - Helsinki - Moscow

Are any clubs or cities missing?
Just write an e-mail with the name of the city and/or club that is missing. We will add them within a few hours provided that the club has a Facebook Page.

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