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A highly comprehensive GPS navigation tool

  • Extremely complete, many features
  • Useful for various activities
  • Design & usability could be enhanced

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If you usually engage in outdoor activities, trips and other adventure sports, you'll be in need of a great GPS tool to help you locate yourself, track friends, and create routes and paths for your outdoor pursuits.

PathAway is a highly complete application that provides users with plenty of useful tools for outdoor navigation. With PathAway, you'll be able to create your own maps and download others from the Internet using GPS, plus make the most of your activities by adding photos and descriptions everywhere you go.


It's obvious that PathAway is a comprehensive app designed to bring users the best navigation experience. It will accompany them anywhere they go.

The app uses many kinds of maps (street, aviation, topographic) and allows you to track anything you want, even in the background. The tool for creating routes is detailed and complete and it includes alarms to help you figure out when you're going off track or reaching your desired location. It also lets you set points and take pictures for future referencing.

Besides all the utility options, PathAway also includes customization features to improve the user experience. Create your own dashboard, change route and track line colors, and move around all the icons so the screen looks the way you want.


The main issue with PathAway is that design and usability aren't exactly on par with the content it provides. There isn't an interactive tutorial (which would be much more useful) and the instructions provided are too text-heavy and can't even be read properly with a smarphone device (you can't zoom in and out, just swipe to the sides).

In addition, the design doesn't look ultra professional and the whole app looks a bit chaotic; it doesn't really make things easier for users, even though it provides an amazing set of features.

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