PING ME@road



When you are in an adventure trip, or travelling solo on unfamiliar land, you want a life line that your loved ones can know your location and progress.

PING ME@road app turns your mobile phone to an automatic location responder. It tracks your location by phone GPS and auto response to SMS ping message with your real time speed, location in longitude, latitude and even street address (if you happened to be in a city).

Your loved ones don’t need to download any app, not matter what kind of cell phones they are using, they just text you a simple message – pingme@road. In a minute, they will get a text response of your location and speed. Of course, if they are using Android, we encourage them to use this app to ping you – they will be able to see your speed and location on a Google Map.

To save your phone battery hour, which is a premium when travelling. The app runs on demand only – it is started by a ping message, does its response business and dismiss itself.

The app has two setting features:
- A switch to turn ON/OFF the app
- Response to everyone or only to a list of contacts that you explicitly setup.

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