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P@L is the one-and-only crowd-searching tool!

Interested in football (sport), bird photography (nature), modern art at museums (art) or Chinese restaurants (food)? Passion at Location (P@L) will find people with similar interests close to you wherever you are. Where there’s a crowd, there must be something of your interest. That’s what P@L is about.

Download P@L and test it with a (small) group of friends or family to see the power of the P@L-concept. ​Choose Category TEST, and Passion 'P@L'.

- Places you want to be

How does P@L comes to life? Download and install the app. Provide a (nick)name and a valid email address. Next, add one or more of your passions. Ready to go out and find like-minded people. Their location will show you where you want to be.

- People you want to follow

For people who want to follow group members (family members, school class, tourist group, classic car rally, company staff) we added a series of 100 free group numbers. Decide which number your group will use and you have a 99% chance of finding the right group.

- Places you don't want to be

You may also want to avoid certain groups. Noisy automotive events. Children's playgrounds. Hooligans. Activate these as passions and you can see where they are.

So: not for every hobby a different app, but one for all and all for one: Passion at Location! P@L

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