Police traps and Speedcams




    Policeradar for Android are the easiest app for avoiding speedtraps and speedcams without being detected or breaking any laws.
    With one of the largest database of speed cams and built combined with the idea that users warning users about Police traps, Parking guards, Accidents and other Traffic disturbances its not just for avoiding tickets, its also about making the traffic smoother and safer for everyone.

    Use it for free, only thing we ask in return is that if you see a Speed-trap, Speed-cam or Accident not marked on the map, use the app and add a warning about it so your fellow drivers and travelers gets warned about it in time.
    I´ts all up to you if you share or not, but thats what community is all about.

    Policeradar for Android is all about contributing to and benefiting from the common good for all, so come a board and get involved! And tell your friends you found the tool you need to avoid speeding and parking tickets.

    No login or account creation needed, your gps-position is yours alone and will not be shared with anyone or any organisation.
    Get our map with all traffic information you will ever need

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