Record yours paths in the internal sdcard (KML file format), using the onboard GPS.
Review the location on your PC or mobile phone using the viewer or the programs that display KML (Google EarthTM, Google MapsTM , ..).

Each route begins and ends with a placemark (icon) and can be freely inserted waypoints to indicate points of interest.
The placemarks are customizable, you can assign each a name and description, enter the date and time, speed and altitude.
RecMyPath allows management of files:
generated KML files can be sent by mail or deleted when no longer necessary.

At startup the program asks if you do not already present the activation of GPS.

Information Display:
RecMyPath (red if GPS data are not available, green if the position is available)
Points: number of acquisitions
Latitude, longitude, altitude in meters, speed in km / h
Here are two buttons:
Button Waypoints (with its status text), active only after the start of the registration.
Button start and stop recording path (with its status text), active only if the position of the GPS available. When the recording is started the button turns green.

On the way are placed at least two placemarks: beginning and end of the path. During recording when you press the waypoint button, a placemark is inserted .

Each placemark has a name, a description, the ability to enter the date and time of activation, the ability to enter the altitude and speed at the time of activation.
When activating, the device shows a setup window with preset default values ​​that can be changed at will.

The paths are stored on the internal sdcard (/ sdcard / recmypath) with automatic name Pathyyyymmdd_hhmmss.KML

The main menu allows gestion files.
Selecting the icon Path of the main menu shows the list of tracks (files) stored on the sdcard / sdcard / recmypath /.

Selecting a file name will be shown a dialog box to cancel or send the file as an e-mail or view with phone.

Output from the program if the GPS is running, a setup window is displayed to allow its shutdown.

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