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Search for great nearby restaurants that have been featured in US television shows

  • Filter by your favorite shows
  • Find great spots that you've seen on the tee-vee
  • Atrocious design
  • US-heavy

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"Because everyone aspires to become Guy Fieri"


I was all ready to laugh at TVFoodMaps - who would want to base their road trip on heading towards places they'd seen on the tee-vee? - but then I dinked around with it, and it turns out that the Food Network actually featured some of my favorite places in Barcelona, and I can definitely imagine myself using it on the road to find out what's great nearby. Filter by show, plan a road trip (and tell it how far you're willing to go out of your way), or just search by keyword. The design leaves a lot to be desired, though.


Being able to filter by show means you can follow in Guy Fieri's exact footsteps. That's right, you can now fill your very own life with as many diners, drive-ins, and dives as your little heart (and arteries) can take.


The design is, frankly, atrocious. There are screens where the text falls off the page, rendering the entry unreadable. It needs a total makeover to be comfortably useable.

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