Romania Travel Guide FULL FREE



Romania Travel Guide FULL

This is an OFFLINE database of Points of Interests (POI)
This app will work even if you are not connected to the internet!


This was intended to be a paid app, but we decided to offer the full version for free.

Attention: phone MUST have Compass Sensors. You won't be able to rotate the screen if you don't have compass sensor. Please understand this.

How to use it:
- If you are not in Romania then you can test the app by going to menu -> settings -> test gps (and your "test" location will be set to the center of Bucharest)
- Select the wanted filter like Pharmacies, Hotels etc
- Raise the phone in front like you want to take a photo of something, increase the seek bar distance, and slowly turn around

Please note that:

1. we are adding more and more stuff and points, but this is just the first version. you might not find the small pharmacy near the corner. also sometimes locations for shops etc get changed. we take no responsibility if the point is inaccurate.
2. if you find a wrong POI you can report it. we appreciate a lot this feedback
3. We concentrated a lot in POIs from Bucharest, so in Bucharest this app will work best

We appreciate feedback, please use the in-app feedback button.

- if you're planing to use this app for a long time, you can switch the camera off
- remember that you can test this app in settings if you're not here
- try to keep the phone as steady as possible
- you must have GPS enabled (so this app will not work well inside buildings, when it's cloudy etc)

what you'll find in this app

From Romania:
Gas Stations, Tourist Attractions, Hotels, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Banks & ATMs, Car Repair/Dealer, Hospitals, Shopping Centers (Malls & Supermarkets), Cafe & Bars, Metro Stations, Airports, Police Stations

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