Russian GPS Navigation



Russian GPS Navigation is a complete navigation package localized for our Russian customers. The package includes reporting on all standard GPS parameters, an odometer, altimeter, speedometer and directional compasses. The GPS is backed by a robust waypoint management system for setting and locating your targets and a trail recorder supported by a trail management system. A satellite reporting module shows the location of the GPS satellites relative to your position. Satellite and standard maps for setting waypoints, viewing trails and position are also included. Our waypoint guidance system includes a dynamic waypoint-finding compass that will help you navigate to any saved waypoint with certainty while reporting estimated time of arrival, distance to target and other statistics. Turn-by-directions and route maps are included for navigating roads. While navigating, your data is backed up regularly meaning you will not lose your progress should your battery need replacement while en route to your destination. The default language for the application is Russian with options to operate the software in Spanish, German, English and Chinese. DS Software specializes in mobile navigation tools.

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