Safari guide (Kenya)



Travelling to Kenya for the first time ? or are you a seasoned traveller ? Make the most of your tour to the land of hakuna matata with Safari guide.
Safari guide lets you :-
~~Plan your travel budget
~~Choose where to stay
-book accommodation
-view hotels available and services offered
~~Choose where to visit according to your interests e.g bird watching
~~Provides a list of available national parks and wildlife found in them

Safari guide is the ultimate travelers app for Kenyan tourists it gives a glimpse of the beautiful Kenyan landscape,and breath-taking wildlife.
Safari guide helps you get all the information you require on all Kenyan National parks.If you like like camping,mountain biking,Hiking,mountain climbing,Rock climbing or just setting up a picnic as you watch the beautiful African sunrise with birds chirping away then Safari guide tells you where you can find all that.
You can also get a list of Hotels from the Where to stay Feature in the App.

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