Speed Cameras



SPANISH AND GERMAN RADARS! Complete, advanced and professional radar warning system. It can also signal possible breath tests spots, common points where mobile radars are hidden, as well as accident black spots and hot spots.

Drive with confidence and safety. This is a powerful speed camera warning system, which has more features and power than speed camera alarm hardware that costs more than €150. You can also optionally update the database frequently (updates require a small optional payment).

­‐ SPANISH and GERMAN data
­‐ Route mode, with visual and audio warnings of radars that are along the road.
- Interactive map where you can see all the radars in the database
- Fixed speed cameras and radars
- Specs cameras
- Radars at traffic lights
- Accident black spots and hot spots
- Possible camouflaged and mobile speed cameras
- Common breath tests spots
- Visual and audio warnings
- Voice warnings in multiple languages (Spanish, English, German, Catalan and Basque)
- Vibration warnings, if you are traveling on a MOTORBIKE
- Sound based warnings
- Configure the distance and frequency of warnings
- Multi-language interface:
- Spanish
- English
- German
- French
- Catalan
- Basque
- Works without an internet connection (saving data transfer and battery)
- Ability to update the radar database (optional)
- Optional Facebook integration
- Screen block and energy saving mode

Speed Cameras is an application developed with great effort and enthusiasm by Plunge Interactive S.L. We enjoy our work and we design our applications to provide the most efficient and comfortable user experience. We work every day to improve all our applications, so any comments or suggestions are welcome. Please write to our support e-mail address: info@plungeinteractive.com . We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

We hope you enjoy Speed Cameras and that your trips will now be even more comfortable and safer!
Say goodbye to fines!

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