Speed Cameras!



Transform your Android device into a Speed Camera detector for FREE!
'Speed​Camera!' applications for real-time detection offers its best technology ever.

▶ SpeedCamera! will inform in real time the presence of:
○ Fixed cameras
○ Mobile cameras
○ Average speed check
○ Traffic lights controlled
○ Danger zones

Every time you get close to a location detection, 'SpeedCamera!' will notify you by telling you the distance from the location and the speed limit is detected on that. If your speed is higher than allowed (in the case of average speed check it also refers to the average speed) the warning will be more insistent.

▶ Functions:
○ Frequent updates and free
○ Calculate the average speed
○ Automatic Reset average speed at average speed check
○ Operation without need for internet connection
○ Reporting only locations on your route
○ Background to use the application with the screen off or in conjunction with a navigation
○ Visible Warning - the screen will flash in case of exceeding the speed limit
○ Audible Warning
○ Voice - A voice will tell you all the details on the location you're about to reach
○ Smart battery management to maximize the autonomy of your phone
○ Ability to confirm or deny the accuracy of the reports
○ Ability to insert new report in real time

* Reports in real time ('Social SpeedCamera!') WARNING 'SpeedCamera!' is realy efficent because of high quality and free of charge. Only a broadcast so high guarantees a higher quantity and quality of signals in real time ('Social SpeedCamera!'). AND YOU DO NOT PAY MORE '*

If you need help or want to give us some advice write to info@softboom.eu

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