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    Spy&Fly is unique in its approach and different from all other ticket apps. Spy&Fly is specialized in point-to-point low-cost airlines. Spy & Fly thinks like you, so like a traveller and considers other airports, departure dates and the possibility that a price may drop soon and charges no commission or transaction costs.

    Spy&Fly helps you to find the cheapest flight by using four search options: check all nearby airports, check all available dates, find a cheap flight in the near future, and find the cheapest flight in a certain period.

    Save money by waiting to book a ticket untill the price of a ticket drops. Prices of tickets go up and down, you can see this for yourself by clicking anywhere in the app on the details of a ticket, which reveals the history of the price. After that you can decide yourself whether it makes sense to wait. If you click on 'SPY' the ticket will be added to the spy list and you will receive automatically a message as soon as the price drops.

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