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Welcome to Taichung City Broadwood roaming ‧ bright mountain city "app mobile navigation service, will lead you to shuttle between the five districts of Taichung City, a large mountain city (East situation, Kukuan Ishioka, Tai Hang, Novosti) give you a convenient, real-time travel information guide services through the mobile phone GPS satellite positioning, guide you to the locations you want to reach, and became an instant to pass; Taichung City ‧ Broadwood roaming the bright mountain city "app" News "," Hao KangOffers "," seasonal activities "," traffic information "," Regional Overview "," recommended travel "six types of information, personal tourist information of Taichung City, a large mountain town (food, transportation, culture, tourism, accommodation, etc.), the latest touristEvents through the text description of the picture outlined, and stirred every travelers want to go to power, intimate action guide service, to bring you customized travel services, and lead you to a better understanding of the mountain city of the quality of tourism environment. In addition, the application also provides multi-language version of the Simplified, Traditional, English, Japanese, etc., first came to Taichung City mountain town can also swim unimpeded, and enjoy the tourism will allow international tourists and backpackers.Taichung City Broadwood roaming ‧ bright mountain "features include:Latest news: For Immediate Release preferential messages and Events.Deals & Offers: assembly, Taichung, Taiwan mountain town stores the discount information.Season activities: introduce quarterly characteristics of the five districts of Taichung City, a large mountain city.Transportation: Provides multiple traffic guide, convenient for visitors to travel demand.5 geographical overview: through GPS positioning takes you to the big mountain city.6. Tour: Thematic classification, provides a variety of navigation routes.

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