Talking GPS



"Talking GPS" is the first GPS speedometer that speak out the speed at which you are traveling.

"Talking GPS" is very useful for not taking his eyes off the road and listen to on your SmartPhone speed.

"Talking GPS" can be used by:

- Drivers
- Cyclists
- Motorcyclists
- Skiers
- Skaters
- Runners
- Browsers

... all those who want to know how fast they are traveling without taking your eyes off the road.

"Talking GPS" can tell the speed in 9 languages​​:

- Italian
- English
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Japanese
- Greek
- Russian

The speed can be displayed in kilometers, statute miles or nautical miles.

It can also be set to a limit beyond which "Talking GPS" indicates the speed. This function is useful when one wishes to be notified after a certain speed and not before.

Every time you change the settings, they are automatically saved and will be used for each subsequent startup.

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