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    Tamil Nadu which holds in itself a land, a language and a culture existed since the prehistoric times. Human settlement here is said to have existed cotemporary to the civilizations in other parts of world. They existed not as isolated regions of human settlements but was connected through trade. Tamil Nadu was earlier known as Tamilham. The existence of ports such as Arikamedu, Karipattinam, Korkai ware proofs of the Tamilian advancement in establishing relations with other regions of the world. The Tamilians were said to be of Dravidian origin and they originally resided in the north west. With the advancement of the Indo-Aryans the Dravidians were e pushed south. The Sangam literature is the basis of Tamil History, culture and organisations from the 3rd century AD. The Cholas , the Pallavas, the Pandyas and the Cheras had their influence on Tamil Nadu and established their kingdoms.
    Tamilnadu Pro gives a detailed description of its history and its Kingdom.
    It provides the geographical information like its climate ,land coverage , agriculture and plantations and so on.
    Toursim section of the app provides information about different tourist destinations one can visit during holidays to relax and refresh.
    Quiz section provided tests your knowledge about the Tamilnadu state.
    Culture of Tamilnadu which includes literature, Dance, Music, Drama and Theatre is very admiral and mind blowing for its admirers of this state.
    Tradition of Tamilnadu which includes its unique and rich festivals like Pongal, Deepavali, New year are celebrated by the people in the unique way.
    Different religions live here together is explained in this app in a more effective way.
    Tamilnadu's Economy and its industries are very informative feature of this app.
    Tamilnadu' s Government and governance provided in the app is its major highlight.
    This app is very useful for preparation of Quiz competitions and other competitive exams to gain full knowledge about the state.