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this guide will show you the way to true chinese delicacy.

TaotieWang - Your Guide to Authentic Chinese food!

TaotieWang will help you enjoy the best Chinese food in China, whether you're an expat or just travelling through China. The application, which includes hundreds of recommended Chinese foods, will make travelling to China a particularly special and enjoyable culinary experience. Using the application, you will be able to locate and sort Chinese foods by regions, ingredients, types, popularity, vegetarian/non vegetarian and mire. The name of each Chinese food is displayed in both Chinese characters and in Pinyin transliteration, and its description includes the main ingredients of the Chinese food in question, the food's method of preparation and even the food's degree of spiciness.

The application also includes a glossary of useful phrases to help you while you travel in China and experience its many food offerings. It also includes recordings of each phrase to make communicating with your waiter an easier and more comfortable experience. This will help you order and experience the best Chinese foods in their native homes.

> Targets both Sinophile foodies as well as people merely interested in Chinese food.

> Useful for tourists and foreigners planning on travelling to China or within China.

> Can be used everywhere and at any time while travelling (the application is completely self-contained and does not require a data connection.

About Me...

My name, TaotieWang (饕餮王), or 'King of the Gluttons', if you please, was given to me because I love travelling the length and breadth of China and trying every food I can find. Chinese foods count among the world’s richest and most diverse, and they are my definite favorites. The Chinese foods' cooking styles, ingredients, spices and cultural influences, as well as their incredibly long history creates an almost infinite selection of delicious and interesting foods.

Whether you are a genuine foodie, someone who is curious to discover the wonders of Chinese foods, or merely a glutton like me, it would be my distinct pleasure to guide you in your culinary travels through China. My application can tell you all about the tastes, the aromas and the traditions you are likely to find.

I have often met people returning from China after shorter or longer travels who missed out on one of the best things China has to offer – its foods. My application will help you overcome your communication difficulties and will help you bring the best of China’s foods to where they truly belong – your plate.

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