Tarnow. Wooden architecture



Wooden Architecture Route in Malopolska Region encompasses over 250 historic buildings of timber construction so distinctive to Polish landscape, and fortunately well preserved especially in Malopolska. The Route connects picturesque Roman Catholic churches and beautiful Orthodox temples, slender bell towers, Old-Polish Style manors, stand-alone houses and open-air museums, that constitute the essence of folk culture.

Among unique sites on-route, there are 8 listed the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Church of St Leonard in Lipnica Murowana is the closest to Tarnow.

The application describes 100 tourist attractions, including all 46 sites (churches, granaries, houses and manors) along the 'Tarnow and its surroundings' stretch of the Wooden Architecture Route.

The aplication includes information on accommodation and restaurants in Tarnów. There are over a dozen of predefined routes as well as tools for defining user's own. An updated calendar of events can help in route planning.

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