The Perspective



The Perspective is an augmented reality powered tour guide.

With the perspective, you can take a look at the behind-the-scene environment of tourist attractions equipped with Perspective AR Tags.

Content includes:

1. 3D model and images.
2. Video.
3. Mini-Games.

Let's have fun to find out the secret of theperspective-ready site!

The Perspective 是一個應用增擴實境的導覽系統。

利用這個工具,你可以透過 AR 標示看到你所處的境點不為人知的祕密。當中你有機會遇到與景點相關的:

1. 3D 模型及景像
2. 錄像,及
3. 小遊戲

快來下載 The Perspective 來尋找景點內的祕密點!


Developed by AR Application Innovation Team at Department of Computing, Institute of Vocation Education (Shatin), Hong Kong

Dev Team:
Leader: Kwok Y.H.
Visual: Cheung M.Y., Wong K.F.
Program: Cheng H.L., Choi C.K., Lam C.K. Kelvin, Tsui. T.K.

Demo tag are available at:

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