TMC Polda Metro



Application For Traffic Management Center Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya Indonesia.
It contains information of :
Kantor Polisi, Pelayanan SIM, Pelayanan STNK, Kejadian Penting (Kecelakaan, Demonstrasi, Kebakaran etc), Tweeter Feed From TMC In Indonesia ex : TMCPoldaMetro, NTMCLantasPolri, CCTV Feed Korlantas Polri, CCTV Feed Jasa Marga (Indonesian Toll)

Functionality :
Call TMC, Mail TMC
Get Direction from your location to Pos Polisi, Pelayanan SIM, Pelayanan STNK using MAPS from google
Search content of TMC Tweets
View Recording from CCTV Korlantas Polri
View Recording CCTV from Jasa Marga (Indonesia Highway Corp)
Toll : Belmera, Cipularang, Dalam Kota Jakarta, Jagorawi, Jakart - Cikampek, Jakarta - Tangerang, Lingkar Luar Jakarta, Padalarang - Cileunyi, Palimanan - Kanci, Prof.Dr.Ir Sedyatmo, Semarang, Surabaya - Gempol, Surabaya - Madura

This application is intended for Indonesian People especially who lived in Jakarta and surrounding area.

This application is still being develop, feel free to give us any suggestion or want to update our database, you can mail me at or

Full Change Log :
CCTV will now only showing image, but you can still play the video using other apps (ex:MxVideoPlayer)

Big changes since I lost this application source code, so it's basically start from scratch.
There is now news module when you open the application, it allows us to give announcement such as there is no 3 in 1 Rules in Jakarta due to something and other stuff.
All Item besides Kejadian Penting is now divided by location.
Create route now removed, change with getting direction using maps application from google.

Fix GPS Issues Can't Turn Off
Update Route on Map While Location Change

Add Module CCTV Feed Jasa Marga

Rename Module Kejadian Menonjol Into Kejadian Penting
Rename Module CCTV Feed into CCTV Feed Korlantas Polri
Add View CCTV Button From Map
Add Progress Bar When Loading Data And Downloading CCTV
Add CCTV File Timestamp When Playing Video
Cek CCTV File Timestamp Before Downloading (Only download when file timestamp is changing)
Fix Map Overlay (Should be much faster loading and navigating map now)

Add New Module CCTV Feed
Add Menu Telepon TMC
Add Menu Email TMC
Add Menu Laporan Kejadian

Join module Kecelakaan and Demonstrasi into Kejadian Menonjol
Change Layout on Item List
Add Route Generation From My Location To Destination
Add Feature Search On Twitter Feed
Display Date and Time on Twitter Feed

Add New Module :
Twitter Feed TMCPoldaMetro
Change Layout on Menu
Change Layout on Item List
Add Traffic Layer on Peta Informasi

Add Module :
Pos Polisi
Pelayanan SIM
Pelayanan STNK
Peta Informasi

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