Tour Rockport-Fulton, Texas



Tour Rockport-Fulton is your passport to GPS-guided Pathways to Birding, Hiking, Biking, History, Kayaking and our local attractions. After you download this free application, you will have access to a variety of different tours. Each tour experience can be streamed or downloaded. The streaming tour format saves hard drive space on your device while a downloaded tour can be enjoyed without connectivity to the Internet.

As you embark on your self-paced tour, you will enjoy the following features:

• Interactive, zoomable GPS maps that indicate your current location and all the included points of interest on the tour (must have connectivity for maps)

• Full color, professional tour videos and audio/image slideshow files that share the history, culture, stories and behind-the-scenes information about what you are seeing

• Pause, Play, Fast Forward and Rewind through any tour segment easily

• Multiple tour media access points: find desired tour stops from the map or a full tour stop list

• Location-based tour stop triggering: as you explore, a dynamic list of tour stops nearest your location will continue to refresh

• Tour Stop images will help you orient yourself to your surroundings and find points of interest quickly

• Additional embedded information such as phone numbers, websites, photos, routing to address and text information deliver all the information you need for each Tour Stop

• Event and Deal listings to keep you informed of all the fun events on the horizon and money-saving offers in the area

Tour Rockport-Fulton has an easy to use interface that enables you to quickly download the application and be enjoying the sights in minutes!

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