Tried-and-Tested Wroclaw



[100+ best places in Wroclaw available in English, *Russian, *German, Slovak, Polish, *Italian, *Spanish language]
* - translation pending

Lost in Wroclaw or maybe you do not like to waste your time on a disappointing places or services?
It took you hours to find out what is good or bad in a given location?
Or maybe you would like to invite an important client to dinner or chose a good place for date?
Guide books were not an option at all?
We know that very well.
That’s why we solved those problems for you!

We ‘tried-and-tested’ hundreds of places in Wroclaw by ourselves, so you can go to any of them and just relax and enjoy your time without worry about quality of services!.
But there is more…

What would you say on:
- Intuitive tablet like navigation,
- Fancy, easy to use favorites view,
- Nice, real pictures of all visited places,
- Important information about payments, opening hours, family friendly place,
- Thumbnails - like nearby view with full filtering,
- An off line map of given city,
- Facebook, Foursquare check-in,
- Social share functionality,
- Always up to date with live synchronization once on WiFi,
- No ads!

Did you say yes?!. Great!
Please try our app and give us a feedback by mail, about what we should improve in the next versions. All for your convenience and pleasure time in Wroclaw!. See you there!

It is recommended to use WiFi at first launch of the application due to large (25 MB) content that is required to download.

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