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Vermont Eats is a localvores delight, offering information on more than 400 stores, markets, farms, vineyards and specialty foods produced in the Green Mountain state. Here you will find locally-grown wines, micro-brewed beers, artisan cheeses, breads and chocolates, farmer’s markets, apple orchards, berry fields, food coops, organic vegetables, health food stores, farms and farm-to-table restaurants.

Vermont leads the country with the highest number of farmer's markets, artisan cheesemakers and breweries per capita. It also has the most certified organic farms, maple trees and more local dollars are spent on local food in Vermont than anywhere else in the country.

Whether a visitor to the state or a resident, Vermont Eats will change the way you travel in the Green Mountains—you can eat your way through the state supporting local foods and farms leaving a small footprint as you go. Vermont Eats lets you locate hard-to-find farmer's markets; search for vegetarian, gluten-free, raw and vegan eateries; discover sources for locally grown meats and eggs; pick-your-own organic berries; drink fair-trade coffees and eat fresh-baked breads.

Hard-hit by Hurricane Irene, please support Vermont and its hard-working, conscientious farmers and food producers by spending your tourist dollars in Vermont—you won't regret it.

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Dorian Yates' green expertise spans thirty years and her endeavors have been referred to as the "greenest of the green and the purest of the pure" by the Boston Globe, “the creme de la natural” by the New York Times, and have won her Treehugger's Best of Green Award. For fifteen years she has written and published information guides, and for the last five years has “put the green into traveling” with her award-winning Green Earth Guide travel series and Essential Green Travel Apps. Dorian has lived in New York City, London, Vermont, Switzerland, Spain, and traveled in the United States, Europe, Canada and Egypt. Passionate about olive oil, elephants and the planet, she has called Vermont home for over thirty years.

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