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A guide to wineries in California that use organically grown grapes. Includes over 1000 photos of the wineries, tasting room hours and fees, tour information, suggestions for nearby restaurants and lodging, wine prices, maps, and more. App icon photo by Omar G.

★ About the Author ★

Francine Schwartz has written about a variety of subjects--from travel and mountain biking to health, movies, food and wine. (Her mother is French, so how could she not love good food and wine?) A proponent of organic practices and a natural lifestyle, Francine cares deeply about the environment. She lives near her daughter in Marin County, CA, with her calico cat and terrier mix.

Lee Callister is a web producer and writer who lives on a houseboat in Redwood City, California with a puppy named Ace. He has an abiding interest in politics, history, and sustainable solutions to the problems that plague the planet because of the species that is currently at the top of the food chain. He finds that an occasional glass of wine is good for the soul.

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