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December 15, 2011. Version 1.2.1 of Wandrous Maui features an improved map.

Our preloaded Maui’s Road to Hana Travel Book is a GPS based, audio-enhanced guide that ensures you will never miss a site on this incredible journey. Download our all-new, free, Maui Beaches Travel Book to complete your magnificent Maui adventure.

Maui’s Road to Hana

Sure, any number of books can tell you approximately how to find a place. But, since many of the interesting sites on the Hana Highway have no signs, these books use “mile markers”. This means that you have to look at the side of the road for these signs, while driving on a slow, winding, and unfamiliar highway. How fun is that?

With Wandrous Maui, you receive audio notifications before you come to a site. Then when you arrive, a display pops up with a picture of the place. No more need to look at the side of the road for those signs. And no more wondering, is this the place? You get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Road to Hana, and Wandrous Maui does the rest.

The Road to Hana Travel Book does not require a cell phone connection to guide you. That’s a good thing, too, because for much of the drive your reception will be spotty at best. With Wandrous Maui, as long as you can receive the GPS satellite signal, your guide works.

Here are just two of the over 40 places that the Wandrous Maui Road to Hana Travel Book contains:

- The Charles Lindbergh grave. Our guide alerts you not only to the church in which the grave is located, but also to the turnoff for the side road that takes you there.

- Alelele Falls. This little-known section of Haleakala National Park is a great place for a short hike and a dip in an uncrowded pool. The Wandrous Maui Road to Hana guide leads you right to the spot.

The Wandrous Maui Road to Hana Travel Book features:

* Over 100 photographs
* Over 40 Hana Highway sites, including waterfalls, hikes, markets, and beaches
* Road turnoff and hazard notifications
* Custom computer voice algorithm for improved Hawaiian name pronunciation

Maui Beaches

Wandrous Maui is more than just the Road to Hana, because it includes the Wandrous Store. Download our free, new Maui Beaches Travel Book to enhance your Maui travel experience. With over 30 beaches from West, South and North Maui, you have a beach for every day of your trip. And because our Maui Beaches Travel Book is GPS based, audio-enhanced, you can be sure of finding that special place.

Your Maui Trip Diary

Wandrous Maui lets you record your own stories, complete with text, photos and audio clips, about your trip. Add to the Road to Hana trip, any trip from the Wandrous Store, or create your own.

For everyday use, Wandrous Maui also contains these great features:

Expense Records

Wandrous Maui provides simple, yet flexible, expense tracking, including Payee, Category, Description, Amount, and Business flag. Expense records may be exported for use in any number of accounting applications.

Voice Assistant

With Josie, the Voice Assistant, you can create expenses and stories, and start and stop your trip, all using voice commands. Want to record that dining expense with your associates? Just tell Josie, and in four simple voice prompts, she will record it!

Combine the Wandrous Diary with Josie, and you have a simple but powerful Voice Diary to record your every thought – while traveling, and hands-free.

Please note: this service is only available in countries in which the Google Voice Search service is supported.

Share your Travels

Email your Travel Books to any other Wandrous user. Or, you can upload it to the Wandrous Store, for any Wandrous user around the world.

Mileage Tracker

You can record the starting point, stopping point, time and mileage for every trip you take. Mileage logs can be exported for use in other applications.

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