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A must-have for tourists, families and locals too, Way2Go NYC quickly directs you to the nearest restrooms in Manhattan. Developed by New Yorkers for everyone, Way2Go NYC uses local knowledge to provide the best, detailed information to solve this pressing need. We know restroom scarcity is a problem for New York City, and so we’ve set out to provide the best tool to help you find one in the City.

Features include:

• Precise locations for restrooms in Manhattan
• Addresses, phone numbers and websites
• Late night and 24-hour locations
• Wheelchair accessible locations
• Baby changing stations
• Google Streetview for enhanced navigation
• Expanding list of locations
• Responsive feedback

Upgrade to Way2Go NYC+ for only $0.99, it is ad-free and a bargain! Any support you give helps us make Way2Go NYC better, so we thank you. And remember, if you’re visiting a business, support it with a purchase!

If you want to send us your ideas and suggestions, please contact us using our online feedback forum at: http://way2gonyc.tumblr.com

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