"whereMap" is a mobile digital map total solution. The map data is put on device site to avoid extra GPRS charge and network download delay. The basic functions include: browse map, find address/POI, routing to destination and navigation. Above all these traditional items, "whereMap" can build real-time location communication with your friends.
The most current scheme for location sharing is "uploading your location to server periodly then sharing to authorized users". Unlike it, "wherMap" provides more secure and convenient flow with below significant difference:
1.No user account registration on server.
2.On demand request and reply for location sharing under users' control.
3.Location dataflow is peer to peer through your and your friends' phone. No data is kept on any server.
No matter what status the phone be: GPS is fixed or not; GPRS/WiFi is connected or not; under sleep mode or not. "whereMap" can build the location communication and show the real-time track on the map.
The main 6 features as below:
1."I'm Here": Send address and map of current location through SMS/MMS/EMail. The receiving site can be non-smart phone and needn't install the program.
2."Send Track": Send real-time itinerary track to your friends' phone to insure your safety during tour.
3."Where You": Ask the current location of your friends. The reply flow can be through SMS or GPRS. They can choose "Agree to Reply", "Reply 'It's Secret'" or "No Reply" when receiving the request.
4."Auto Reply":Set the phone numbers which your phone would automatically answer the "Where You" requests. Let the people who care you know your location at any time. This
function is password protected, the default password is "1234".
5."Go Together":Build the location communication with most up to 5 partners. The location exchanging interval can be every 10 second to 10 minutes.
6."SIM Changed":When the SIM card in your phone is replaced, the SMS about the new SIM card number and ID(IMSI) is send automatically. Then you can use "Where You" function(with another phone) to trace your lost phone.

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