WhereToGo Cartridge Downloader



WhereToGo is a simple specialized file downloader designed to download geocaching cartridge files. Place them directly in the folder you desire.

The app spawned from feedback to the WhereYouGo app. Many users miss the ability of directly downloading the cartridge files instead of having to manually download them and move them. WhereToGo solves this by letting you download the .gwc files straight to the appropriate folder.

* Easily manage cartridge files.
* Simply click a link to a .gwc file and WhereToGo will take care of the rest.

WhereToGo is completely open source. Source can be located on Github: https://github.com/Untouchab1e/WhereToGo

Download .gwc geocaching cartridge files with the click of a button. A must have companion to WhereYouGo or other geocaching apps.

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