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YP - Yellow Pages local search's review

The famous Yellow Pages directory comes to your mobile device

  • It's quite useful
  • Load ups quick
  • Great design
  • Incorrect information
  • No business ratings
  • No restaurant menus

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"Find Local Businesses With Ease"


YP Mobile provides you with a great way to find information on local businesses. It has accurate location tracking features and provides you with complete information regarding businesses in your area. It has few flaws and is quite useful.


The app loads up quick when you need it in a pinch. The user interface is well-designed and the menus are easily navigable. It also does a good job locating all of the businesses you are looking for in your area. There's a handy YP Mobile widget.


Sometimes entries are either defunct or closed, or phone numbers have been changed. Yellow pages needs to stay on top of those updates. A rating system for local businesses (or menus for restaurants) would be nice, as well.

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by William

Sep 10, 2015

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