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"For those who miss TomTom"

Reviewed by / Aug 25, 2014

Fully offline turn-by-turn navigational system, designed to be used in the car

Navigon is a turn-by-turn navigational system, similar to Google Maps. It's unique in that it's a "real" GPS app - instead of accessing the maps over 3G like Google Maps, you anticipate where you're going in advance and download the detailed map of that area. That way, even if you drop off the grid, the app keeps directing you like nothing's happened.

The interface is solid, and the voice prompts are loud enough to be heard over mild car noise.

However, I'd only recommend purchasing this rather expensive app if you plan on spending quite a lot of time driving somewhere with no signal. Getting access to live traffic updates isn't free (it's included in Google Maps, plus other comparable navigational systems), and you'll also have to pay to re-download maps when they're updated. Honestly, it's a decent enough navigational system, but the price of Navigon feels really out of line with where free technology is these days.

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Developer's original description available here
NAVIGON GPS onboard navigation for Europe

+++ Latest version 5.4.1 now available +++

Important note:
- The application requires additional data (maps, voices etc.) via WLAN after installation

With NAVIGON you can transform your Android smartphone into a fully functional mobile navigation system with on-board maps, which entails no data transfer or roaming charges for map display, route calculation, etc.

*** Features and range of functions ***
+ Extended display of traffic signs: Warning of sharp turns, overtaking bans, accident risk, and more
+ Lane Assistant (static display) and Active Lane Assistant (dynamic display)
+ Bluetooth support (HFP or A2DP)
+ NAVIGON Latest Map Guarantee (new customers receive the most up-to-date map when purchasing the app)
+ HERE and Foursquare Local Search*
+ Fuel Live - Provides current fuel prices for Germany*
+ Glympse - Send your position information to selected users*
+ Safety Camera warning (for permanently installed cameras)
+ Reality View Pro – photorealistic display auf motorway junctions, exits, bifurcations…
+ Speed Assistant – display of current speed limit and adjustable warning on exceedance
+ NAVIGON Reality Scanner – augmented reality POI search
+ NAVIGON MyRoutes – Calculates up to 3 routes at a time
+ Text-to-Speech with precise spoken announcements
+ Different English and German accents
+ Enhanced Pedestrian Navigation
+ Destination entry by coordinates
+ 2D and 3D map displays (birdview)
+ HERE (former Navteq) map material for 44 countries of Europe
*this function requires a data connection

Enhance your system with these useful in-app packages :
+ Urban Guidance – navigate in many European urban areas using public transport**
+ Panorama View 3D – shows you the landscape not as a flat image, but with mountains and valleys
+ NAVIGON FreshMaps XL – Receive regular map updates***
+ NAVIGON cockpit – Animated graphics show all available driving data your phone can provide
+ TrafficLive – Real-time traffic information let you avoid traffic jams*
+ POI all-in-one – Add 100 thousands of extra POIs to your onboard database
+ Mobile Alert Live – this service informs you in your country about mobile danger zones and lets you report such
+ Mobile Alert Live Premium - As Mobile Alert Live, but working Europe wide, providing information level of reliability, time since last report and the number of reporters travelling in your direction
+ NAVIGON LPG and Bio-Diesel filling stations – an onboard database with lots of LPG/Bio-Diesel service stations
+ Smartwatch Connect - enables pedestrian navigation on the SONY SmartWatch 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.
Requires additional installation of the free extension NAVIGON Smartwatch Connect, available here in Google Play,
Resp. NAVIGON Smartwatch Connect Gear on the Gear Manager Store
*this function requires a data connection
**The service is currently available in more than 65 European metropolitan areas. Urban Guidance is a Live service and therefore requires a data connection
***The service is covenanted for at least 24 month

- The app requires min. android OS 2.3.3
- NAVIGON is an on-board solution. This means that all map material, voices and system files are saved on your phone. Therefore no charges or waiting time for data transfer are incurred (except mentioned differently for specific functions)
- The Europe version can require up to 3.4GB of free memory (depending on the number of countries you select). Please ensure you have sufficient available mass-storage space available. The map material must be downloaded after installing the app via WiFi (WLAN). Please ensure a reliable and safe connection is available.
- On first startup a short data connection (ca. 25kB) is mandatory to register your product

Whether in the car, by bike or on foot, NAVIGON hopes you have fun navigating.*


NAVIGON Europe Videos

Recently changed in this version

Version 5.4.1 :

+ fix for Google Nexus 6 and LG G3 for additional map download
+ faster display of number of reporters for Mobile Alert Live Premium

Changelog and permissions

PermissionsChangelogPackage com.navigon.navigator_checkout_eu40
  • - Know where you approximately are.
  • - Know exactly where you are. It uses GPS.
  • - Know what access (wifi, 3G…) you have at every moment.
  • - Access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • - Use Bluetooth to connect to a paired device.
  • - Track nearly Bluetooth devices and pair them with yours.
  • - Broadcast sticky intents, thus allowing quick data retrieval held by the system.
  • - Be able to access the camera device.
  • - Change Wi-Fi connectivity state.
  • - Turn on and off the flashlight.
  • - Get info about the currently running tasks.
  • - Send and receive internet info.
  • - android.permission.LOCATION
  • - Modify audio settings.
  • - Perform I/O operations over NFC (Near Field Communication).
  • - android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG
  • - Read your contact data.
  • - android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • - Send SMS.
  • - Use the vibrator.
  • - Prevent your device from sleeping or screen from dimming (turn brightness down).
  • - Write whatever to your SD card.
  • - Read or write the system settings.
  • - Sell digital goods through in-app purchase.
  • - Query Android Market to obtain their licensing status. Used to avoid piracy.
  • -

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  • Updated
    New version 5.4.1 released on 04/17/15.
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    Price increased from €44.95 to €59.95 on 04/17/15.
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    New version 5.4.0 released on 03/30/15.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €44.95 on 03/30/15.
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    New version 5.3.2 released on 01/24/15.
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    Price increased from €44.95 to €59.95 on 01/24/15.
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    New version 5.3.1 released on 01/07/15.
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    New version 5.3.0 released on 12/13/14.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €44.95 on 10/21/14.
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    Price increased from €39.95 to €59.95 on 09/04/14.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €39.95 on 08/12/14.
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    New version 5.2.6 released on 08/08/14.
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    Price increased from €39.95 to €59.95 on 07/23/14.
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    New version 5.2.5 released on 07/21/14.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €39.95 on 07/08/14.
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    New version 5.2.2 released on 05/27/14.
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    Price increased from €38.95 to €59.95 on 05/15/14.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €38.95 on 04/18/14.
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    Price increased from €38.95 to €59.95 on 03/11/14.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €38.95 on 02/19/14.
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    New version 5.2.0 released on 02/02/14.
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    Price increased from €38.95 to €59.95 on 01/12/14.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €38.95 on 12/22/13.
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    New version 5.1.0 released on 12/06/13.
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    Price increased from €39.95 to €59.95 on 10/24/13.
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    New version 4.9.5 released on 10/01/13.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €39.95 on 09/27/13.
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    New version 4.9.2 released on 08/22/13.
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    Price increased from €44.95 to €59.95 on 08/22/13.
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    New version 4.9.1 released on 07/31/13.
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    New version 4.9.0 released on 07/12/13.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €44.95 on 07/12/13.
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    Price increased from €44.95 to €59.95 on 04/11/13.
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    New version 4.8.0 released on 04/03/13.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €44.95 on 03/21/13.
  • Updated
    New version 4.7.1 released on 01/16/13.
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    Price increased from €44.44 to €59.95 on 01/11/13.
  • Updated
    New version 4.7.0 released on 12/12/12.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €44.44 on 12/12/12.
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    Price increased from €47.47 to €59.95 on 11/14/12.
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    New version 4.6.2 released on 11/06/12.
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    New version 4.6.1 released on 11/03/12.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €47.47 on 11/03/12.
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    Price increased from €47.47 to €59.95 on 10/16/12.
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    New version 4.6 released on 09/26/12.
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    Price dropped from €59.95 to €47.47 on 09/26/12.
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    Price increased from €47.47 to €59.95 on 08/17/12.
  • Updated
    New version 4.5 released on 07/31/12.
  • New price
    Price dropped from €59.95 to €47.47 on 07/31/12.
  • Updated
    New version 4.1.3 released on 06/15/12.

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Comments and ratings for NAVIGON Europe
  • (0)

    by muehan on 21/03/2013

    Es fehlen Routen Im- und Export sowie eine Routen Aufzeichnung.
    Jedes kleiner Zusatz wird teuer bezahlt. Die reine Navigation ist
    klasse , das war dann aber auch.

  • (0)

    by Bo Ã… on 03/02/2013

    Expencive and not trustable. Crash at startup without 3G or WiFi network without notice. Sometimes GPS-off option jammed it and again without any notice.Why this program want to internet connection even if all of maps are already downloaded inside of it?

  • (0)

    by Konstantinos Dimopoulos on 17/04/2015

    LG 90 (Lollipop) navigon starts but behaves like it cannot fix satellite position. Google maps work fine though.

  • (0)

    by Pavel Naydenov on 10/04/2015

    Perfect gift for me.

  • (0)

    by Roduit Georges on 26/03/2015


  • (0)

    by Andrei Oro on 24/03/2015

    I use this GPS app daily and I'm very satisfied with its futures and in generally the app its self. I like the Panorama view 3d, very detailed maps(would be good if they update them a bit more often) and I say this because I travel a lot and see that sometimes streets are missing or not complete, but a very interesting thing is that they have the here maps logo but the here maps that I have (offic

  • (0)

    by Sam Zilla on 22/03/2015

    Works fine on IOS but extremely unstable on Android. Closes all the time and is never able to update a route without crashing... Very very disappointed considering the quality usually offered by the developer...