Download vBook 语音电子书 vBook 语音电子书 icon

vBook 语音电子书

This application is a powerful book reader that supports multiple enco...

Similar app: vBook Pro

Free 8.4 84

8.4 Users
Download TTS Utility TTS Utility icon

TTS Utility

Make your device speak favorite words with TTS Engine. When you did&#...

Similar app: Auto TTS Beta

Free 8 479

8 Users
Download Voice Changer Voice Changer icon

Voice Changer

Voice changer. Create robot ringtones with nöid vöice! 14 different vo...

Similar app: Robot Talk

Free 7 25.9K

7 Users
Download Plugin Notifications Plugin Notifications icon

Plugin Notifications

This app works only with Smart Launcher You need to activate this ser...

Similar app: Plugin Extra

Free 8.2 44.8K

8.2 Users
Download Enhanced TTS Enhanced TTS icon

Enhanced TTS

This is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine that wraps around any standard T...

Similar app: AudioBT with TTS: BT audio GPS

Free 7.4 228

7.4 Users
Download Japanese Vocabulary Japanese Vocabulary icon

Japanese Vocabulary

Japanese Vocabulary (JLPT N1-N4) is a application to anyone who prepar...

Similar app: Japanese Remember, JLPT N5~N1

Free 8 792

8 Users
Download ฝึกคำศัพท์ภาษาจีน ฝึกคำศัพท์ภาษาจีน icon


แอพพลิเคชั่นจะช่วยฝึกการจดจำศำศัพท์ภาษาจีน และยังช่วยในการออกเสียงอีกด...

Similar app: ฝึกคำศัพท์ภาษาเกาหลี

Free 8.2 161

8.2 Users
Download ฝึกคำศัพท์ภาษาเกาหลี ฝึกคำศัพท์ภาษาเกาหลี icon


แอพพลิเคชั่นจะช่วยฝึกการจดจำศำศัพท์ภาษาเกาหลี และยังช่วยในการออกเสียง...

Similar app: ฝึกคำศัพท์ภาษาญี่ปุ่น

Free 8.4 478

8.4 Users
Download Learn Spanish Learn Spanish icon

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish is an application that lets you learn Spanish language w...

Similar app: Learn English from USA

Free 7.4 378

7.4 Users
Download Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTime Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTime icon

Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTime

TellMeTheTime provides a speaking clock and a talking night clock. Thi...

Similar app: Talking Caller ID +

Free 8.4 5.8K

8.4 Users
Download Who's Calling? Who's Calling? icon

Who's Calling?

"Who's Calling?" reads the name of the calling party for...

Similar app: Caller Name Talker

Free 8 7.9K

8 Users
Download Learn English from USA Learn English from USA icon

Learn English from USA

Learn English from USA is an application that lets you learn English l...

Similar app: Learn German

Free 3.6 261

3.6 Users

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