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The Ad Fairy is your new television assistant.

With this App, you may attain free access to the TV-Adblocker system from (our DVB-S receiver).

It provides an overview of all the most watched German stations. It can inform you by notification or speech, that the stations that you are monitoring no longer have advertising on them. All options are fully configurable!

Some examples (can easily be disabled):
¤ Get an Android Notification when advertising starts
¤ Get an Android Notification when your program returns
¤ Android speaks to you when advertising starts
¤ Android speaks to you when your program returns

In the meantime you can change the channel to watch something else while you wait, or go to another room of your house, or make a cup of tea! All without ever worrying that you will miss the return of your favourite show!

Extra functions:
¤ Full control of your DVB-S receiver, if you own one.
¤ Program choice with speech. Simply speak into your handset and Fernsehfee will change the channel.
¤ Controlling the level of volume, mute, etc on your Fernsehfee device by speaking to it.
¤ Viewing the EPG of stations on your handset. Simply touch and record on your Fernsehfee device. (Coming soon!)
¤ Playing of recordings from your Fernsehfee device.

Example commands:

Play station: "play pro sieben", "gehe zu pro sieben", "geh zu rtl", "zap to rtl", "zap rtl", "goto kabel 1", "go to kabel 1", "kabel 1 abspielen"
Mute audio: "mute", "stumm", "ruhig", "sprachlos", "dämpfer", "stummen", "stumme", "dämpfen", "stopfen"
Increase volume: "louder", "loud", "lauter", "laud", "laudstark"
Decrease volume: "quieter", "softer", "quiet", "leiser", "leise", "ruhige", "sanft", "sanfte"
Channel up: "channel up", "sender oben", "kanal oben", "station oben", "sender hoch", "kanal hoch", "station hoch"
Channel down: "channel down", "sender unten", "kanal unten", "station unten", "sender runter", "kanal runter", "station runter",
Activate YouTube: "youtube the avengers", "you tube the avengers", "youtube", "you tube"
Display the TV Pilot: "tv pilot", "pilot"
Display / Search the EPG: "search voyager", "voyager finden", "search ... for voyager", "voyager suchen", "programm suchen voyager", "programme suchen voyager", "programm finden voyager", "programme finden voyager", "epg search star trek", "epg find star trek", "epg suchen star trek", "epg", "epg star trek", "e p g search star trek", "e p g find star trek", "e p g suchen star trek", "e p g", "e p g star trek", "guide search star trek", "guide find star trek", "guide suchen star trek", "guide", "guide star trek"
Show Fernsehfee settings: "setup", "set up", "settings", "einstellungen"
Go back: "back", "zurück", "return", "raus"
Up: "up", "oben"
Down: "down", "unten"
Left: "links", "left"
Right: "right", "recht", "rechts"
OK: "ok", "okay"
Cancel: "cancel", "abbruch", "abbrechen", "escape"

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