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Baani.Net - Sikh Gurbani Kirtan Live Broadcasting, MP3 and Video App.

We are, with grace of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, glad to announce first release of mobile app on high demand from sikh sangat. Baani.Net app brings most of its features to internet enabled android devices in a SIMPLE and EASY interface. Moreover, Baani.Net app has a very small footprint for quick installation.

Current Features:
√ Sikh images and gurbani kirtan event posters
√ Mp3 Shabad Kirtan, katha, dhadi Audio
√ Gurmat Kirtan, katha and inspirational Videos
√ Live Gurmat kirtan samagam broadcasts
√ Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) Live kirtan audio
√ Katha Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, mother of Khalsa
→ Brahm Bunga Sahib - Dodra Radio 24x7
→ Baani.Net Kirtan Radio 24x7 featuring AKJ, Dodra, Classical and Sant Dhadrian Wale kirtan
→ Search media by Kirtania Name, Category or media type

Upcoming Features:
√ Categories Selection:
 • AKJ
 • Baani
 • Dharna / Sant kirtan
 • Dodra kirtan
 • Raagi kirtan
 • katha
 • Katha and kavishari
 • Simran
 • Misc
√ Search by Artist

Features Requested by Sangat:
√ Mp3 Kirtan Download
√ Kirtan Video Download
√ Live Kirtan Recording

Sangat jio, Thanks for appreciating this sikh gurbani app. Special thanks to those who sent their feedback. Please keep sending your suggestions, desired features, feedback and reports to

 • Since this application uses internet for rich media content, it is highly recommended to have a generous 3G data plan or use wifi.
 • Baani.Net videos have high resolution, hence may not work on low-end devices.

Baani.Net: Live sikh kirtan broadcasting and audio video sharing community

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