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Renders customizable, high quality animating static over an image of your choice. Gives any background a grittier, old-school feel! A very power efficient live background.

You can control:
+ Color of the static overlay
+ Static opacity
+ Static resolution
+ Live Background frames per second (FPS)
+ Scrolling or fixed background
+ Whether any image appears behind the static

Static is randomly generated, there is no noticeable pattern to the static! I've found no other static background that can make this claim.

This is the BEST TV static live background on the market. It offers the most customization, and is VERY power efficient.

For ultimate battery efficiency, select a lower FPS (between 10 and 20) and a lower static resolution. For a higher quality background, increase FPS to 40, and increase static resolution.

Noise is input which affects the collection of data. This live background simulates white noise. White noise is equally distributed, random data. White noise is common in analog mediums such as old televisions. White noise is also known as snow, as it looks like snowflakes falling through black skies.

Future Plans:
I plan to add brown noise, and noise with a gaussian distribution.

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