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    ★★★Added 15 new movies in the latest update 1.2.★★★

    High quality streaming Burmese Movies on your Android powered device! Classics, Oldies, Latest and more! On fast internet connections like 3G and Wi-Fi the Burmese Movies videos play in High Quality, on data connections the Burmese Movies movies play in lesser quality to save your bandwidth.

    All movies are from youtube, using the latest official youtube api to find them.

    Why not just use youtube?

    Good question. You could, but you'd need to know the exact name of the movie, you'd need to sort out all the search results, you'd have to find channels that don't appear in search results, you'd need to find videos that don't appear in search results because they have changed or mis-spelled titles, or even no titles at all! We do the hard work of finding the Burmese Movies for your viewing pleasure so you don't have to!

    None of the content is ours. If the Burmese Movies are removed from youtube, they will no longer appear in the app.

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