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Busta Rhymes, whose real name's Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., 1972 May 20, is the life. American rapper, producer and actor. Grammy Award has nominated eight times in.
He hip-hop crew 'Leaders of the New School' s first album in 1991 as a member of 'A Future Without a Past' announced. 1996 The first single 'Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check 'had a successful solo debut.

Busta Reims (Busta Rhymes | Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr.) Singer, actress
Born: May 20, 1972 (USA)
Age: 41 years (10,040 years).
Gender: Male
Real name: Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr.
Constellation: Taurus
Band: rat,
Body: 188cm
Debut: 1991 Leaders Of The New School 1st album [A Future Without A Past ...]
Awards: 2011 BET Awards kolraebeoreyisyeonsang
Career: group 'Leaders Of The New School' member

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