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Who wouldn't relish mouthwatering, sumptuous cheesecake, that too when it's in strawberry flavor? Cheese cake is a favorite dessert of any one with a sweet tooth. Cheese cake is believed to have originated from Greece centuries ago and since then has evolved into various tastes and flavors favored in almost all corners of the world.

The making of a cheesecake in perfection is quite an elaborate task, almost a ritual. Any traditional cheese cake will have a topping made of soft cheese which rests on a base that can be made with biscuit, pastry or sponge. The cheese can be flavored and sweetened according to your choice. Fruits, nut, artificial flavoring, chocolate etc are commonly used to add variety to a cheese cake. One of the favorites especially among children is the strawberry cheese cake. Highlighted in the dessert menus of all popular restaurants, this dessert has many takers...