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"composite" is a camera application.
You can set the transparency of selected images in SDcard or sample image.
You can shoot overlapping images of your selected.

You can shoot with the shutter button or touch the screen.

You can set the camera settings menu.

The image of which it takes a picture also follows in the direction of the camera and it is preserved.

Enjoy a variety of colors and special effects you set up the image processing method.

●Veil image settings(veil = overlay image)
○Image select:Select the location of the image⇒moving image select
・SD Card
・Sample image

○Tramsparent:Set the transparent of the veil image

○Composite:Whether or not to veil the image compositing and camera images

※If you set "off" but the image is not disappear.
※If you turn off the veil image while shooting please set the transparency to 0.

●Camera settings
○Preview Size:Image Storage Size
・960 x 640
・800 x 480
・640 x 480
・320 x 240

○Color effect:Camera image effects

○Flash:Flash setting
・Auto flash
・Flash on
・Flash off

○Focus:Focus setting
・Auto focus
・Not focus

○Scene:Scene setting
・Normal scene

○White balance:White balance setting
・Auto balance

○Orientation:Orientation setting

○Image convert:Image convert setting
 ・Two Color

○Quality:Compression ratio
・High (100%)
・Fine (90%)
・Normal (75%)
・Low (50%)

○Date stamp:Whether to add a date at the bottom right image
・Stamp on
・Stamp off

<Known Bugs>
・Crash may change the orientation of the terminal to set the big picture.
・If you happen to be terminated if the improvement in the restart or reinstall.

※Free version is released(The free version has limited functionality).
※Try the free version of such feeling, I think you'll consider purchasing.

※In addition, we tested is made only by LYNX 3D.
※There is a feature not available on the model.

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