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You two were waiting had finally emerged App!
Did you search on Youtube every annoying?
Can easily be shown through the App was ready!

Cover Dance ~ ~ TV on the Internet, saying what you do not know well?
Cover Dance "is a specific kind of fan cosplay singer of the song or performance
Does it mean to act according to

Hallyu's Popular Questions?
Do you want to see the dance cover?

Cover Dance Dance Festival Video and developed into the "Then CoverDance (Youtube)" through
The popularity of the Korean Wave, the Jiangnan style video of Cy convenient anytime, anywhere, and I can see.

Ease drunk App has emerged.
That's right! And "CoverDance" App quickly, accurately, and quickly than anyone else, you've got the easy advantages.
First, our "CoverDance" App easily, quickly, accurately, and faster than anyone,
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Second, our "CoverDance" App easily, quickly, accurately, and faster than anyone,
     Can I apply a video update.
Third, our "CoverDance" apps faster than anyone else, quickly, accurately, and easily
     Was equipped with a UI operation.

These advantages, they're you gonna get caught up in the charm of your cover dance

Got Wi-Fi and 3G communication environment available.
Through a Wi-Fi network if you watch seamless as possible for good!

※ If you have any inconveniences or suggestions of using Please send me
Our precious App Revolution is updated frequently treasured Please doeohni
Our Revolution is more fun and I'll find you beneficial App. Promise ~

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