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Reggae ton genre, Daddy Yankee Music Video of a leader (M / V) is a collection of applications.

Ayala, Daddy Yankee is the largest in the San Juan Street, was born in Rio Piedra off. Childhood, he loved baseball, major league players were. Baseball with a knee injury, but he was unable to do it anymore. Later in Puerto Rico since the underground rap reggae tones began to be called. Learned from a number of genres of music regeton then Playero 37, he stirred the first album in production, has worked its own. No mercy for his first solo album is. He formed the duo with Nicky Jam, El cartel and El cartel 2 was released. This, he became a leader regeton genre.
2002 El Ayala scored a world-wide success. Barrio Fino and his music released in 2004, am. Billboard's Latin album, he and several awards including the Premio lo nuestro was awarded the Latin Grammy and MTV Video Music on the nominated. Barrio Fino in the United States in Latin America • Europe • Japan • made a mark in the sales chart. June 5, 2007, El cartel Record the El cartel: The Big Boss released am. This album in 2007, Latin music was the best-selling genre of music was recorded. Since 2010, he started in the United States in Latin America and the world as a concert album was released.

Daddy Yankee (Daddy Yankee | Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez) Singer
Born: February 3, 1977 (Puerto Rico)
Age: 36 years (10,035 years).
Gender: Male
Real name: Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez
Constellation: Aquarius
Band: Snake
Body: 170cm
Debut: 1995 1st album [No Mercy]

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