Detective Video Recorder



Detective Video Recorder
This is a stealth app that helps you record video in the background, even when the phone’s screen is locked. This is a very handy tool in situations that require you to capture footage without the knowledge of the party in question.

Salient features :
★ High, Medium and Low quality video recording options provided
★ Recordings available in 3gp or Mp4 formats
★ Unlimited recording time
★ Application movable to SD Card

Instructions for use:
★ To start recording, click on the ‘Start’ button of the app
★ The application gets triggered in the background
★ To stop recording, you just need to tap on the ‘recording’ post on notification or click on 'Stop' button of the app, and your file is saved
★ Use long press on recording list to delete video

Can be used as:
CCTV camera
Spy video camera
Spy video recorder
Hidden video camera
Surveillance camera
Background video camera
Secret video recorder
Stealth camera
Spy camcorder
Hidden camcorder
Background camcorder

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