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Duplicate/Similar Image Finder can detect all duplicate images (photos or pictures) located on your Android device. Application scans selected folders & sub folders, and detects not only exact duplicates, but also those images which are visually similar (based on configurable visual similarity setting - similarity percentage).

Main purpose of Duplicate/Similar Image Finder is to find all duplicate and similar images and help you organize your image collections without manually browsing through thousands of photos visually comparing all your photos. This way you can save valuable disk space as well as precious time. App is provided free of charge, with optional advertising removal charge.

Duplicate/Similar Image Finder scans quickly through thousands of images which are then grouped/organized, in order for you to remove those duplicate/similar photos taking space on your mobile phone or tablet.

In order to be efficient, we're using very advanced algorithms to find these duplicate images. We mimic and replicates exactly what a human would do in order to find images which are comparable in a visual way. Duplicate/Similar Image Finder can identify such duplicate images even if they are in different image formats and sizes.

In order to allow higher degree of configuration, Duplicate/Similar Image Finder allows you to specify a percentage of image similarity that will be used during the scan. Higher the percentage, less similar (duplicate) photos will be found. As we've mentioned earlier, once the scan process is finished, our app will display all duplicate images categorized into groups and then let you to select duplicate images for either preview or deletion.

In such simple way you can clean up your collection of photos or images from all duplicate files. We support most popular image formats and provide very intuitive user interface which lets you navigate the screens without a need for reference to a lengthy documentation/manual.

Due to its innovative and optimized algorithms we're currently the fastest and the most precise product of this type on the Android market.

- Find all similar and duplicate images in user specified folders using visual comparison feature
- Scan entire device for similar and/or duplicate images
- Find exact duplicate image files using fast algorithm (select 100% similarity)
- Finds all possible duplicate images
- Get information about each image (date time taken, size, etc.)
- Find duplicates in different color schemes (grayscaled, various hues, etc.)
- User can adjust the percent of image similarity
- Show preview for original and duplicate images
- Duplicate images can be deleted permanently
- Supports many image file formats
- Very intuitive interface


Requirements: OpenCV library. Our software will automatically prompt you to download OpenCV library upon first opening of the app.

Note: Processing huge amount of images may take time and is depended on your Android hardware.

Please consider supporting this free app by purchasing Advertising Removal through in-app build process.

Organize images and save valuable disk space!

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