I've never feel one's blood freeze to have a child with an expensive digital camera?
SD card is full to take many photos before I knew it, is it or not?
Is not it difficult shooting touch screen, the child?

There is the emergence of this app.

· Eliminate all camera settings are confusing for children.
It remains autofocus ON.
-Photos taken are saved within the app. You can be saved to SD cards to choose from later.
SD card can not be filled with another photo of unknown meaning with this!
Since the high-speed and also browse within the app store.
Viewable even if there is no SD card of course!
· "Say cheese" just because you can shoot and hail
It is never twisted touch screen.
→ Please select your shooting "voice" from the main menu button.
· You can also be attached to an e-mail directly from the image list.

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