EMD 2: Easy Movie Download




    From the creator of Easy Music Download brings you Easy Movie Download!

    * Requires a internet connection to work

    Download almost any movie you want, which includes new releases. Downloading movies with this app is as easy as selecting the movie then clicking download.

    There is 8 different servers to download movies on so if one server doesn't work the next one will. Plus it's downloading is super fast even if your on 3G, 4G or WI-FI!

    Also this app can download different type of video types such as MP4 (android, apple mac iPhone and iPad), AVI (Computer, TV's and DVD Players)and more.

    Please note use WI-FI to lower your mobile data usage and for speedy downloads use a broadband connection or a 4G/3G connection. And read the 'Read first section of this app in the left hand corner of this app'.

    Please also note: To download movies that the device dose not know please install Download all files.

    Leave a comment and rate, i may even be able to make it better if you leave a suggestion!

    Movies are big files, so download time can vary on different connection types (broadband, 3G, 4G). Also speed of download and compatibility may vary depending on your device type.


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