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    Feed Sponge is a general purpose Audio/Video RSS podcatcher. This app will soak up any podcast media format supported by Android.

    Feed Sponge will download your feeds automatically in the wee hours via WiFi so you can take them along during the day. You may also download or stream any time you please with whatever connection is available. Keep in mind that you may encounter restrictions or charges based on carrier policy and your data plan.

    * Simple interface.
    * Stream audio or video episodes to Chromecast.
    * Stream non-downloaded episodes to the device.
    * Automatic download schedule with adjustable recurring update intervals.
    * You have the option to skip auto downloads when:
    ** Battery is lower than a specified level.
    ** Device not connected to AC power.
    ** WiFi network is unavailable.
    ** Per-subscription option to disable.
    * Automatically deletes old episodes based on your settings.
    * Tracks playback position and resumes playback.
    * Integrated feed guide for popular content.
    * Add any valid RSS feed URL manually or by clicking a pcast:// link in your browser.
    * Auto pause/resume on phone calls (inbound or outbound).
    * Auto pause/resume on headset removal/insertion.
    * Auto pause/resume on Bluetooth disconnect/reconnect e.g. your car.
    * Configurable auto resume time limit.

    Please report detailed bugs to the email below or @ideanebula on Twitter. The more detail, the better.

    Your carrier may put steep charges on data overages, please keep your data plan in mind when downloading without WiFi. Most carriers provide tools to check your data usage, please use these tools.

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