FFmpeg command line



The FFmpeg command line application only gives you the ffmpeg binary that is copied to the storage unit.
You must copy the program or ffmpeg binary in /system/xbin and change the execute permissions.
chmod +x /system/xbin/ffmpeg
Important: "Maybe you need to be root".
Use ADB to copy.
You also need a terminal to use the ffmpeg you can find on the market such as Android Terminal Emulator.
ffmpeg program has been optimized for the ARM architecture:
- armeabi
- armeabi-v7a
When you copy the ffmpeg program to your storage unit will indicate the directory where you copied.
Must copy the program to the appropriate architecture, in case you are not sure you should use the armeabi.

That is ffmpeg?
ffmpeg is a command line program that allows us to convert audio and video files in other formats.
It can encode and decode formats like mp3, pcm, wav, ogg vorbis, theora, avi, flv, wmv, mpeg, etc.

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